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R & D and Analytics

The most important stage ensuring the success of the project is research and development that, together with technical and economic ratings, is allowed to verify the correctness of the selected design concept of the offshore structure and its operation model

R & D can reduce the metal capacity of the project, the specific fuel rate of the power plant, the cost of systems, devices and equipment

In-depth analysis of the project, taking into account the production capabilities of the shipyard, the market of shipbuilding products and materials, allows achieving short terms of ship design and construction, reducing construction costs and terms of putting vessel into operation

The analytical group of the company is ready to perform the following works

Processing of the vessel modernization with changing the navigation area, vessel carrying capacity, speed

Vessel class definition while changing CS

Analysis of the functioning model with the development of a technical proposal for the design, the metal capacity of hull structures, the hull forms and the vessel propulsion complex, the construction technology, with the development of recommendations for the triad «Customer-Designer-Shipyard»

Project conceptual optimization in general

Project development of non-standard and innovative technical solutions in the field of hull design, vessel devices and systems, technological equipment, vessel lifting, ocean equipment-underwater vehicles and marine floating structures, vessels with dynamic principles of maintaining

Multi-sphere strength hull of inhabited UV

LNG cargo area