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Ship design, strength calculations

Innovations, traditions, quality

Limited Liability Company "Admiralty" is a dynamically developing project company specializing in marine engineering, research and development, design of marine equipment and floating facilities.

Calculations of the strength of metal structures

The work of the team is based on the three main principles: innovation, tradition, quality.

During the development of the project documentation, the company specialists use advanced software for strength calculations, ship theory, body structure modeling and outfitting – ANSYS, AVEVA, AutoCAD, which, combined with personal experience and competent organization of the process, allows achieving optimal results in a short time.

Main activities

scientific research and experimental design of vessels and ocean technology objects (underwater vehicles, offshore oil and gas facilities, etc.), development of functional models, optimization

expert technical and economic ratings

designing in the range from the technical proposal to the engineering project inclusively

technical documentation development for the renovation and modernization of vessels and marine equipment

offshore operations planning (including single vessel outruns)

preparation of the non-standard bulky undivided cargoes transportation project

technological equipment development, lifting pads, development of docking schemes (including emergency mooring in damaged condition)

operational support of marine emergencies and accidents, rescue operations development

design works in the field of lifting of sunk objects of marine equipment and floating structures

control software development for ocean engineering objects automated control systems – project study course and training of specialists in the field of design

Partnership and staff

The company is ready to consider proposals for partnership and cooperation with private individual persons, design organizations, shipbuilding companies and other organizations within the specified area of activities

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